Hoagie is the digital experience club at Princeton

Dreamed up for Princeton students, Hoagie is a creative space that fosters community-centered design and implementation.

Our interests are UI/UX design and web app development.

Hoagie’s activities are structured to promote learning and doing together.


We meet on a regular basis to discuss and explore core concepts in design and development.

Our peer-led discussions cover topics on good design principles, UI kits and usability, human-centered research, etc.

We also hold workshops to practice using Figma, CSS, web development frameworks, and other important design technologies.


We have a few project teams that our members can join to collaborate with others and practice their design skills.

Our projects aim to give meaningful and useful experiences to Princeton students.

Examples of potential projects: unifying the Princeton student app experience, researching and solutioning for student social experiences in the virtual format, and curating a Hoagie UI design system.


Our culture embraces empathy and kindness when working together and designing digital experiences for our community.

Instead of a competitive and stressful “hero” culture, we strive to build each other up and learn from one another.

Together we’ll continue to explore what lessons and meaningful experiences design can teach us.